What are Sound Reducing Windows & How Effective Are They?

Sound Reducing Windows and Acoustic Glazing

Cut noise by fitting special glazing units designed to stop sound waves

Sound reducing windows and acoustic glazing is a more recent double glazing development. These windows are designed to cut out sound waves and reduce noise. They can be used to prevent external noise from bothering you inside, and also used to prevent your internal conversations and noise from escaping.

Our standard A Rated windows offer exceptional db (decibel) sound reducing levels, although we also have uprated and specific acoustic glazing for use when sound reducing windows are a must.

Examples of homes that have benefited from this technology in Southampton are those in the Freemantle area that are close to the docks, the railway lines and also the main Millbrook dual carriageway. All 3 of these noise sources can prevent you from gaining peace and quiet in your own home. By fiiting specialist sound deadening double or triple glazed units you can prevent these unwanted sounds from entering your home.

Another popular location for these types of window installation are homes that are close to the M27 or M3 corridors. With the correct sound reducing windows the drone of traffic can be totally eradicated from your house. We have supplied and fitted this type of window to properties in Rownhams and Bassett.

New acoustic sound reducing windows installed

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