Just How Secure and Safe Are Your Windows & Doors?

Safe & Secure Window and Doors

Read on to learn what to look for in terms of safe and secure windows and doors

Great looking and brand new double glazing windows and doors are one thing; safe and secure windows and doors are another! Not all windows and doors are created equal. Badly designed casings or inferior locks can actually lead to your brand new windows and doors being completely unsecure. Some of the worst examples out there can be broken in to in under 30 seconds, without the burglar needing expensive or unique tools.

Here at DJL Glazing we only use the latest approved designs for all our casings and window surrounds. We also utilise the very best in locking technology by fitting all our products with Ultion Locks. These door locking systems are Approved by British Standards, Approved by Locksmiths and most importantly Police Preferred Specifications!

New UPVC Windows

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