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Professional Double Glazing Glass Repair & Replacement Services

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Our professional glazing and glass repair service is ideal for you if you have one of the following issues with your triple or double glazing:

  • Internally misted double glazing windows or units
  • Cracked triple or double glazing units
  • Smashed double glazing windows

Due to the way double and triple glazing glass panels are constructed they are normally pressurised and sealed units. In many family homes accidents can happen. This can lead to cracked or broken units that lose their ability to retain heat, can become misted and generally need to be replaced for safety and security reasons.

Many repairs can be quickly and easily undertaken with little to no mess for you to worry about. The first step of our professional double glazing repair service is to visit your property and ascertain the extent of the damage and the type of window installation you have.

In many cases we are able to easily remove framing to get exact measurements and construction type of your existing glazing units to ensure a perfect new match. This information also helps us to price a replacement glass unit(s) for you to provide a 100% accurate and no hidden cost quote for your consideration.

Misted and cracked double glazing glass

Double Glazing Window Repair & Replacement

The pictures on this page show a double glazing window replacement job we completed in Southampton.

Cracked and Broken Double Glazing Window

Cracked Double Glazing in Southampton

This property in Southampton called us as one of their windows had cracked and was badly misted. We initially removed the broken unit to get the exact measurements before replacing whilst we ordered an identical new double glazed window unit.

Replacement Double Glazing Window Unit

Inserting New Double Glazing Window Unit in Southampton

After removing the broken window unit the replacement window pain is correctly inserted. We remove and dispose of your old and broken glass.

Installing the Replacement Double Glazing Window

Re-sealing the Replacement Double Glazing Glass

Here you can see one of our professional glaziers re-sealing the replacement double glazing unit. This is important to ensure safety and quality of the replacement double glazing unit.

No More Window Cracks or Condensation

The Finished Replacement Double Glazing Window Unit in Southampton

Here you can see the finished job with the new replacement double glazed window unit fully and professionally installed. This ensured the window was back to being as good as new for this customer in Southampton!

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