Energy Efficient Windows; Good for the Environment & Good for Your Pocket!

Energy Efficient A Rated Windows & Doors

Lower heating bills and better for the environment

All our windows and doors are A Rated for energy efficiency. This helps to keep your homes climate stable, uses less energy and saves you money in heating! Many cheaper double glazing alternatives do not offer anywhere near this level of energy efficiency. What may seem like the cheaper option initially, could end up costing you £1000’s more over the next 10 or 20 years.

When you consider the cost of gas and especially electricity; then having energy efficient double glazing can really cut your costs in the colder months by retaining vital heat. We’ve all seen thermal imaging of homes where it is obvious the greatest source of heat loss is poorly insulated lofts and poor performing windows and doors.

Energy efficient glazing isn’t just about keeping the heat in! During the summer months when the sun is at its hottest, higher thermal insulation on your windows can actually work the other way to keep your house cooler in comparison to the outside temperature! This can cut down on the need for fans or air conditioning, again saving you energy and money!

We are all aware of climate change and the need to have as little impact on the environment as possible. By fitting the latest and most energy efficient glass you are doing your bit to move us all towards sustainable living!

A Rated Energy Efficient Double Glazing

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