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Lantern Roofs: A Roof Lantern or Skylight is a Stunning Addition to an Extension or Conservatory

DJL Glazing Ltd are a double glazing business in Southampton offering all types of lantern roofing solutions

We provide a professional supply and installation service for all types of lantern roofs and skylights from our Southampton, Hampshire base. On this page you can learn more about the types and styles we can provide for you. We cater for new builds, refurbishments or general home improvements and we partner with many local building companies to provide the windows for your project.

Some of the roof glazing you can learn more about includes our A Rated:

  • Lantern Roofs
  • Sky Lights
  • Pyramid Lanterns
  • Flat Glass Rooflights

How Much Will a Lantern Roof Cost?

This is a question we get asked many times. There is no simple answer as the cost is entirely dependent on your property and requirements for your lantern. What we do is offer you our advice and experience for free. We will not subject you to any pressure sales techniques and are happy for you to speak with a number of companies to see for yourself our difference. We are confident in ourselves, our products and most importantly our pricing; by cutting out middlemen and obscene profit margin mark-ups we know we offer exceptional value for money for your new lantern or roo flight.

Many of our customers get a local builder to quote for an extension and then ask for a full breakdown of the pricing. When they look at the windows/roof light element they may then decide to contract that element of the job to a glazing specialist – this is where we come in! As we are specialists in all windows and roof light options we can generally offer greater value for money and will happily work with you and your extension timeline. We also partner with many local builders who will immediately sub-contract the roof lighting straight out to us in the first instance. As roof lighting and lantern options have become more complex, it has become a job for a specialist glazing company rather than a general builder!

Should I Purchase Cheap uPVC Double Glazing or Lanterns?

Our recommendation would be to avoid purchasing glass or lanterns based on initial pricing. Many of the cheapest uPVC window and lantern systems may only meet the minimum UK standards, or in some instances not even meet these legal minimums! If the glazing isn’t energy optimised you will be losing heat and therefore increasing your houses heating bills. Some inferior glazing units can actually be broken in to in under a minute, with nothing more than a screwdriver! Would you feel safe in a house with this level of exterior protection?

Contemporary Design Lantern Roof Example

Lantern Roof and Bi-Fold Doors Extension Example

This picture shows just what you can achieve from a modern extension with a stunning roof lantern and bi-fold doors.

Lantern Roof Examples

What styles of lantern roof are available?

There are 3 main styles of lantern roof that we can supply and install

A Contemporary Lantern Design.

Contemporary Lantern Design

This is available in the following maximum dimensions: Max 1500mm x 3000mm

2-Way Lantern Design.

2way Lantern Design

This is available in the following maximum dimensions: Max 1500mm x 6000mm

3-Way Lantern Design.

3way Lantern Design

This is available in the following maximum dimensions: Max 3000mm x 6000mm

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