What Qualifications Should a Double Glazing Window and Door Installer or Company Have?

Professional Qualifications & Industry Accreditation's Can be Crucial Read on to learn what to look for in a glazing company for your windows, doors or conservatories Trade bodies and industry association membership can be a crucial sign of the calibre of your glazing company. Not all qualifications are the same though! Some great [...]

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Just How Secure and Safe Are Your Windows & Doors?

Safe & Secure Window and Doors Read on to learn what to look for in terms of safe and secure windows and doors Great looking and brand new double glazing windows and doors are one thing; safe and secure windows and doors are another! Not all windows and doors are created equal. Badly designed casings [...]

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Bi-fold Doors; The Modern Alternative for Patio or French Doors

Bi-Fold Doors; A popular modern choice Read on to for more information on our Bi-Fold Doors Bi-fold doors are becoming a modern and popular choice for the home & garden. They're a larger and more convenient alternative for traditional patio or french doors! The main advantage of bi-fold (or concertina doors as some [...]

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Energy Efficient Windows; Good for the Environment & Good for Your Pocket!

Energy Efficient A Rated Windows & Doors Lower heating bills and better for the environment All our windows and doors are A Rated for energy efficiency. This helps to keep your homes climate stable, uses less energy and saves you money in heating! Many cheaper double glazing alternatives do not offer anywhere [...]

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What are Sound Reducing Windows & How Effective Are They?

Sound Reducing Windows and Acoustic Glazing Cut noise by fitting special glazing units designed to stop sound waves Sound reducing windows and acoustic glazing is a more recent double glazing development. These windows are designed to cut out sound waves and reduce noise. They can be used to prevent external noise from bothering [...]

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