Bi-fold Doors; The Modern Alternative for Patio or French Doors

Bi-Fold Doors; A popular modern choice

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Bi-fold doors are becoming a modern and popular choice for the home & garden. They’re a larger and more convenient alternative for traditional patio or french doors! The main advantage of bi-fold (or concertina doors as some people use) is their ability to cover a larger opening; yet fold completely back to leave a large open space.

As modern living has evolved to consider light and flow as a major and desirable feature, bi-fold doors have enabled the indoors to flow straight in to the outdoors. Our range of bi-fold doors enables the largest possible openings to be achieved, whilst maintaining security and structural integrity of your building.

We have found that many clients now want to create summer houses, garden workshops, garden gyms or garden offices. By utilising bi-fold doors within the building design you are able to create stunning buildings.

Also as open plan living becomes more popular, what better way to extend this concept than to insert feature bi-fold doors that take the inside seamlessly to the outside bringing light and air to your home. Whereas traditional patio or French doors may have restricted access, bi-fold doors open up a whole new world of modern living style!

The pictures used on this page are from a job we did in the Swaythling area of Southampton. Our client was creating a new outhouse and we installed bi-fold doors to help deliver their vision.

New Bi-fold doors

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